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Why We Created Rest & Recover

Why We Created Rest & Recover


Having a sporting background predominantly in Australian Rules Football (AFL) Keeping your body in the best possible condition is a given. 
R&R (Rest & Recover) was the solution to a personal problem that deemed more than personal. Seeing a large reduction in my fatigue and cramping towards the back end of games, it quickly became an essential addition to my water pre, during and post exercise. 


We thought, why not share R&R

Some Background to Magnesium and it's function in our body

Most people first think of Magnesium and its effects to prevent cramping whether that be day to day or throughout exercise.    

While this is true and a positive result of Supplementing with Magnesium, Many don't know the full extent of benefits thats magnesium brings to the table. 

It has many benefits including - 

  • Bone Health & Strength 
  • Mood & Sleep Quality 
  • Anti Inflammatory Agent
  • Cramping and Muscle Spasms 

R&R was created using Magnesium Citrate as it is absorbed into the body easier and faster than other types of Magnesium. 

Why I use it?

Since using R&R, my lovely Calf Cramps have disappeared and I tend to sleep like a baby these days. 

My go to Pre Game beverage in 1 scoop directly into a Red Powerade and almost automatically into my gym water bottle each morning!

I highly recommend trying R&R and allowing it's benefits speak for themselves. 




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