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From The Roots No.1

From The Roots No.1

Krupt Supps began with the desire to provide high quality supplements, while still being price competitive for its customers.

Jonathan and I set the goal to create (initially) a Pre Workout that had the highest quality ingredients while still maintaining an affordable price.

Both using various brands quite consistently we found the following issues we wanted to personally resolve-

  • A Pre Workout you actually enjoy to drink
  • A tub with more then 30 serves (we enjoyed a cheeky double scoop)
  • Not under-dosed
  • No Nasty's or ingredients for the pure reason of "more is better"
  • Something that didn't break the bank if you use Pre A lot like us

(The List is longer but we'll leave it at that for now)

We knew moving forward this was all easier said than done.

First things first- choosing the name that would stand out from the rest.





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