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Fuelling your Body

Fuelling your Body

Jonathan, Who prefers (Jono) learnt many important lessons throughout his successful motocross career, racing at Australian National levels and being brought on by the KTM Racing Team, I guess you could say, "the kid can ride a bike" 

Outside of daily on track training and coaching, Jonathans Fitness and diet routine was next level. From Strategically timing his meals to tracking his macros everything was on point, But you may ask, Is this all really necessary?

For an athlete competing at the top level, Arguably yes but an everyday person that enjoys to stay fit and healthy? well.... probably not. 

A balanced diet is very important for anyone, ensuring you are fuelling your body with the correct sources of protein, carbs and fats allows everything to work as one.

Energy at the correct times, Optimal performance, focus and concentration and muscle recovery. All results of a healthy yet balanced diet. The wonderful world of food is endless and the benefits included. The question is, what's your goal? Base your diet off your goal and you'll be set, Calorie deficit for fat loss and surplus for your naughty winter bulk.

We're interested in all journeys and backgrounds so please reach out so that we can share your story whatever that may be!



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